Company Structure/Ownership

The Rift Valley Railways is owned by Rift Valley Railways Investments Pty Ltd, which is in turn owned by “Kenya Uganda Railways Holdings” (‘KURH’). The current shareholding of KURH is:

  • Ambience Ventures Limited and Ambience Rail Company Limited both investment vehicles for Citadel Capital have an ownership 51%, of KURH.
  • Safari Rail company a wholly owned subsidiary of Trans-Century limited of Kenya with 34% ownership of KURH.
  • Bomi Holdings Limited of Uganda with15% ownership of KURH.

Citadel Capital
Citadel capital is a private equity firm based in Cairo and controls private equity investments in the Middle East and Africa with more than US$ 8.6 billion in investments under control, spanning 19 Platform Companies in 15 industries across 14 countries. Citadel Capital is listed on the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and trades under the stock symbol CCAP.CA. Citadel Capital focuses on opportunities in the Middle East and Africa. In addition to its Cairo headquarters, the firm has an office in Algiers and in Nairobi, Kenya.Visit

Trans-Century is a Kenyan Company, with a primary focus on investing in Infrastructure across the African continent. The company was established in 1997 by a group of leading Kenyan professionals and investors to invest in growth sectors in Africa and provide such investments with the benefit of their corporate experiences. In April 2009, the company’s shares became available to qualified investors in an over-the-counter exchange operated by Dyer & Blair Investment Bank, as part of the original shareholders aims to provide a broad base of shareholders with the access to the Trans-Century success story. As part of the same agenda, Trans-Century has began to explore the potential of a full listing, in a bid to broaden the shareholder base further.Visit

Bomi Holdings Limited

Bomi Holdings Limited is a Ugandan investment company owned by Ugandan entrepreneur and RVR Director, Charles Mbire. Mr. Mbire is a United Kingdom-trained economist and business executive. An entrepreneur and industrialist, Mr. Mbire is easily Uganda’s leading private investor and has either spearheaded or actively participated in some of the country’s cutting edge investment briefs in the fields of telecommunications, energy and infrastructure developments and pharmaceuticals. He has acted as representative to numerous multinational companies seeking to explore business opportunities in Africa and for this reason, he stands out as a distinguished business personality and for which he has won several accolades. He is a Member of The Uganda Presidential Investment Round Table.

Mr Mbire is Chairman MTN Uganda limited and ESKOM Uganda Limited, Afro-Alpine Pharma Limited, Invesco Uganda Limited, Nilecom Limited and a Member, Board of Directors Uganda Securities Exchange.