There might be a lot of reasons for a broken car window. The issue could be a simple loose connection or maybe a hard as a broken switch. The moment you note the problem, you need to fix it using affordable and simple solutions that you can also do it yourself without contacting a mechanic. Below, you will learn some of the simple solutions which will be of great assistance.

Changing the Faulty Switch

changing faulty switchThe reason causing this kind of issue could be a faulty switch. For you to make the switch replacement, you have to remove the window switchboard. Remember to unplug all connectors to be sure that the required 12 volts are operating in your switch.

To check the reading of your connectors, you may use a multi-meter. Then, pick another switch then put it inside the wiring connectors. Lastly, confirm whether it’s functioning or not.

Replacing the Blown Out Fuse

In case the power window of your car suddenly stops, the reason could be that your window fuse has blown out. The moment this happens, you will be required to replace it.

Locate your fuse box then open it. You will find that the fuse box may be a part of or close to the dash. You can check the owner’s manual if you encounter difficulties in locating the fuse box. Next, remove the blown out fuse then put a new fuse with the same amperage.

Replacing Your Window Motor

When facing such issue, you should remove your window panel. First, take out the window screws so that you can remove the panel. Next, see if your motor is getting the right reading according to the manual. If your engine is getting the correct value and if it’s not functioning well, you need to replace with a new one. But if your motor is working perfectly, even though your window isn’t working, the regulator should be replaced.

Fixing Window Gaskets

Shoddier window gaskets could also be another cause to have a damaged power window. Mostly, dirt or grease gets built up in it, stopping your car gaskets from closing well. When facing such case, you must wash the gaskets using acetone.

You should be extra keen when using acetone because it can damage both the paint and carpet of your car. After you are done cleaning the gaskets, you should now move the window to make sure that it’s working correctly.