About Us

As the region's oldest socio-economic binding asset, Rift Valley Railways currently operates a total of 2541.44 kilometers of track network linking the shores of the Indian Ocean to the agriculturally rich hinterland of the Kenya Highlands and into Kampala, Uganda on the shores of Lake Victoria in a 25-year concession agreement originally signed in 2006.

RVR's Purpose is to transform lives in Africa with every move.

Our Vision is to be the leading transport and logistics solutions provider in Africa by year 2020
We ensure that our customers' needs for transport and logistical solutions will be met in a sustainably efficient and safe manner and with the utmost with respect to our employees, the environment and communities that live around our operations, and that we will do so profitably to guarantee a healthy return on investment for our Shareholders.

The strategic objectives of the company are to:
Improve efficiency of the Railway Business.
Standardize operations.
Increase market share for rail traffic.
Improve competitiveness of the northern corridor.

Business Activities:
Freight transport (including Marine services);
• Long-distance passenger transport.
Commuter passenger transport.
Provide intermodal logistics solutions.
Social responsibility.