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Bad Driving Habits of Drivers That Damage Car Battery

You will realize that bad driving habits are the reason behind car batteries getting destroyed.  Mostly, low charge and acid stratification are the most significant causes of battery failure. Some of these bad habits can be ignoring the right car servicing that deals with wasteful issues.

When you leave acid stratification in your car battery, it will be exhausted and will stop functioning. The moment your car battery fails, it means that your car will break down as well. Avoiding this on time is crucial. Below are some of the bad habits you must avoid.

Driving with a Loose Battery

car with open hoodIf you drive your car with a loose battery that it’s not well-secured, the vibration from the driving will result in battery failure. It’s even worse if you are driving on an unbalanced terrain. It will destroy essential items inside, hence forming cracks. The result will be failure and corrosion down the line. It is necessary to check whether your car battery is fixed properly in its place after changing it.

Driving Only Short Distances

If you drive for short distances, chances are that your battery will get damaged. The battery won’t be able to charge fully. If you don’t take the car for long distance drives from time to time, it won’t last long. It is the main reason why most cars break down. Also, short drives cause the acid stratification to concentrate on the bottom, and the upper part won’t have acid which leads to failure because of corrosion.

Turning Your Headlights on Before the Engine

car headlightMost people do this even without knowing that it’s not good for their car battery. The moment you switch on the car headlights before turning on the ignition adds more weight to the car battery. Although it might not damage the battery, it will eventually cut short your battery’s lifespan even if it was one of the best batteries.

Leaving AC and Lights While Your Car Is Stationary

It’s the most significant cause for a damaged car battery. When you leave the lights, air conditioner, and car stereo or radio on when your car is sitting idly will make the battery run out. Such things can quickly drain the battery charge.

And if you keep doing it on a regular basis, it will drain the car battery very soon, hence damaging the battery within a short time. It’s advisable to switch off everything if you are not driving the car. Charging gadgets overnight in your car is not good for it’s battery.