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Long Distance Moving Tips

You have to follow some tips for your long-distance moving to be effective. Long-distance moving requires proper planning in advance and keeping things in order. The cost for a long-distance move is not cheap whether you’re hiring professional movers or not. You can get a car transport quote to hire the right vehicle for moving. Here are some long distance moving tips:

Create an Inventory

Making an inventory always works when you are planning to move. It is important to see how much you have first, pull everything from your cabinets and closets. Make a list of everything, you will find that you have more things than you think.

Take photos if need be, it will help determine how many items you have to pack and ship. Have a comprehensive list either in a notebook or using an app. When you arrive at your destination you just have to tick item by item while unpacking. This prevents the worry of losing items in transit or forgetting things in your old premises.

Work With Priority

Long-distance moving is not as easy as short distance, you might have to cross borders or even continents. It is recommended to pack all the items you need in the first weeks in one box such as few clothes, dishes, towels, pots, bedding, and other personal necessities.

Pack things that will be comfortable to use first before you wait for other things to arrive. You might have to wait for weeks for your moving truck to arrive, carry items that you can’t survive without. Keep these things with you they’ll help you settle in quickly.



The general rule is to majorly downsize when planning to move. Get rid of unwanted items that include clothes that have outgrown or you haven’t worn in years. This also applies to kitchen appliances that are not in good condition or you haven’t used for a while. The best way of decluttering is to donate or hold a garage sale.

Sell your items for lower prices, have flash sales or offer discounted prices. Donating is also good meaning that you give you get rid of unwanted items for a good course. You can also decide to give out your items to neighbors, family, or friends as a reminder of the time you spend together. The whole process makes moving far much easier and lowers the price of your moving estimate.

Organize Your Belongings

When it comes to packing you have to be extra careful, considering the distance and the items. Make sure you pack the fragile items altogether with the label “fragile” on the outside of the boxes. Put similar types of items packed together or consider the size when packing.

Give the box numbers that correspond with your inventory list. To avoid mix-up, clearly label each box with your name, location, and phone number, this will help you get back your items if they happen to be delivered in the wrong location.